10 July 2006

AMLO Shows Uncle Sam what Democracy Looks Like

On Sunday, a half-million people poured into the streets of Mexico City to oppose the theft of the recent election by Uncle Sam's lackey, Felipe Calderòn, and to support the victorious candidacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Over at Latin America News Review, Justin Delacour published a number of photos from the majestic gathering.

Meanwhile, another comrade, Al Giordano at NarcoNews, has published his second report on the election fraud. He writes:
This news story will unfold for weeks, probably for months, before it is resolved. The first battle is already underway: the struggle to count the votes....

Calderón, his National Action Party, and Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute (IFE, in its Spanish initials), oppose and resist a full or partial recount even at the cost of their own legitimacy? (In spite of their legaloide claims that "the law" doesn't allow a full recount, Articles 41 and 99 of the Mexican Constitution - we will translate the relevant constitutional passages in this report - do not just allow a full recount: they require it.)
Little doubt remains that the Calderón 'victory' resulted from a massive fraud that both he and his supporters will expend massive amounts of energy and political will to conceal. The question Mexico must now answer is whether he can get away with it as BringItOn did in 2000 and 2004. 500,000 people took to the streets on Sunday to say "NO!" with their feet, and writers like Giordano, Delacour, and we at Savage Justice will continue to stand in solidarity with them.

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