08 June 2006

Zarqawi - EVIL alCIAda Goblin - Dead Again

Nobody analyzes the Pentagon's latest effort to mask its abject defeat in Iraq by trumpeting the assassination of EVIL alCIAda GOBLIN Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi like Kurt Nimmo.

On his blog, Another Day in the Empire, his piece on the Pentagon's staged killing - "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: Dead Again"- elaborates upon the seemingly endless reports of Zarqawi's demise.

Nimmo hits the nail on the head when he writes:
It appears the neocon-dominated Pentagon wants to retire the al-Zarqawi PSYOP program, as al-Zarqawi has served his purpose—demonizing the resistance and kicking off a “civil war” in Iraq...
Uncle Sam knows that - other than Savage Klanwatchers and their ilk - the Zarqawi myth no longer has credibility. The Pentagon originally used the EVIL alCIAda GOBLIN to demonize and hide the existence of the Mujihadeen resisting Uncle Sam's savage occupation - people initially characterized by the Pentagon as "dead enders" and "Saddam Loyalists."

But as that campaign failed, and as the resistance to Uncle Sam's occupation intensified, his value to the Pentagon shifted. So they began to use the Zarqawi myth to stir sectarian violence and create a civil war. It became a convenient instrument to drum up a "Civil War", effectively concealing the Pentagon's role in launching terrorist operations and Salvador Option death squads.

But now, that campaign, too, seems to have failed. The decision by the Pentagon to kill Zarqawi off represents an awareness that they can no longer hide their true enemy in Iraq - the Iraqi people - from public view. They must confont the Mujihadeen directly, and to do so required killing off their Zarqawi legend.

Nimmo writes:
Naturally, there is always the possibility al-Zarqawi will surface again, as he has done in the past. In early 2005, the “terror mastermind” (alternatively depicted as a petty criminal of sub-standard intelligence) “escaped shortly before raids on his hideouts,” according to Newsday.
He may 'return' yet again, but I doubt it. Because of the power and resiliance of the real resistance in Iraq, Uncle Sam has begun preparations to Cut'N'Run. To do so, however, required the perception of achievement and his 'death' did just that.

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