09 June 2006

UN's 60 Year Support of Zionist Land Theft Continues

Beginning in 1947, when the United Nations agreed to turn over a large segment of Palestine to European Colonialist settlers, that body has continually stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Apartheid State. According to Yoav Stern in today's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz, the United Nations fully supports Apartheid Israel's theft of Shebaa farms as well as the ongoing Zionist occupation there. He writes:
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has sent a letter to Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora saying that Beirut should honor Israeli presence in the disputed border area called the Shebaa Farms as long as a border demarcation agreement between Lebanon and Syria has not been signed. The letter was sent on Tuesday and was published by the Lebanese press on Friday.

In the letter Annan told Siniora that "notwithstanding any [diplomatic] steps that might be taken regarding the Sheba'a farmlands, I would expected that ? the Lebanese authorities will continue to accept and respect the Blue Line in its entirety."
The anti-Hizbullah Premier of Lebanon, Fouad Siniora, equivocated in his response to Annan's letter, asserting:
That the Shebaa Farms dispute would be resolved between "Syria and Lebanon only, excluding Israel," responding to a letter sent a day earlier by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan which urged Beirut and Damascus to demarcate the borders as soon as possible.

"The letter was important in clarifying that the case is limited to Syria and Lebanon and needs to be agreed upon by these two sides only," he said."
The truth is that Apartheid Israel has no legitimate claim whatsoever to Shebaa Farms. But Annan, the UN, and people like Siniora refuse to acknowlege that.

Exacerbated by the illegal occupation, the Shebaa Farms issue is the last vestige of Apartheid Israel's attack and occupation of Lebanon - launched on fabricated pretexts - in the early 1980s. They cling to it because of the myth-busting implications of a Hizbullah resistance campaign that forced Apartheid Israel's unconditional retreat.

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