23 June 2006

Uncle Sam's Silly "Peace Overture"

One day after the silly Senate vote rejecting a timeline to end Uncle Sam's occupation of Iraq, the Times of London reports on the latest in a long line of fake overtures made by Uncle Sam to the Iraqi Resistance promising 'amnesty' to those who agree to quit fighting and disarm. Of course, since the occupation began the Iraq resistance has demanded Uncle Sam's retreat from Iraq as a precondition for negotiations, it goes without saying that they will pay no mind to this absurd offer.

The 'offer' comes amidst reports of another massacre committed by Uncle Sam's GI Joes. On Wednesday, the military brought charges against seven Marines with Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment for murder and kidnapping. One Navy corpsman was also charged.

At the time of the attack, Uncle Sam's GI Joes:
Said they came upon Hashim digging a hole for a bomb near his home in the Sunni Arab village of about 30 homes near Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. The Marines said they killed Hashim in a brief gun battle and that they found an AK-47 assault rifle and a shovel by his side.
Predictably, we have learned that this fanciful story is totally false. Ellen Knickmeyer's 5 June Washington Post piece continues:
According to accounts given by Hashim's neighbors and members of his family, and apparently supported by photographs, the Marines went to Hashim's home, took the 52-year-old disabled Iraqi outside and shot him four times in the face. The assault rifle and shovel next to his body had been planted by the Marines, who had borrowed them from a villager, family members and other residents said.
Essentially corroborating the eyewitness account, the Financial Times summarized the case against the men, stating that the men killed a "52-year-old disabled Iraqi man," in the town of Hamdaniyah, "placing a weapon and shovel near his body to suggest he was involved in planting roadside bombs."

Middle East Online adds that charge sheets released by Uncle Sam's Marine Corps accuse the men:
Of breaking into the home of Hashim Ibrahim Awad, knocking him to the ground and dragging him away with his hands and feet bound...

Other charges against them include assault, larceny for allegedly stealing a shovel and an AK-47 assault rifle, housebreaking, making false official statements and obstruction of justice.
With these ubiquitous reports of Uncle Sam's GI Joes shooting handicapped men in the face, its hardly surprising that Uncle Sam has made this 'offer' now, at a precarious time of real weakness.

Which is precisely why the resistance will ignore the offer.

Uncle Sam's fate in Iraq is a very simple one, dependent on only its own actions: Cut'N'Run or Stay'N'Die.

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