16 June 2006

Uncle Sam's Mosque-Bombing Death Squads Rampage through Baghdad

Earlier this week, Uncle Sam and its collaborator allies in Iraq began the “Day of Slaughter” offensive in which it deployed massive numbers of GI Joes and sectarian militiamen into Baghdad in order to bring the capital back under siege.

Translating dispatches from Quds Press and Mafkarat al-Islam, the Iraqi Resistance Report for Wednesday 14 June describes the assault:
According to Quds Press, some 41,000 US and puppet troops and police as well as sectarian militiamen were taking part in the massive sweep. Quds Press reported official spokesmen as saying that the offensive in Baghdad would "concentrate on areas where there have been a lot of armed attacks; areas that armed men are thought to use regularly, such as al-A'zamiyah and al-Karakh."

The Baghdad correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported local eyewitnesses as saying that the campaign was aimed solely at Sunni areas as US troops and their allies began raiding homes and arresting dozens of people...

When the Americans found more than one male in a house they would arrest most of them, leaving the youngest in the home...

In a dispatch posted at 8:20pm Makkah time Wednesday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that as of 7pm local time Wednesday afternoon the American troops accompanied by Iraqi puppet army and police and Shi‘i sectarian militiamen had searched more than 3,000 homes of Sunni Iraqis.
In addition to Uncle Sam's massive ethnic cleansing campaign in Baghdad, its death squads launched yet another savage attack on a massive Shi'ite mosque in Baghdad, an attack no doubt launched to further exacerbate the sectarian tensions already at a fevered pitch due to the "Day of Slaughter" underway. Middle East Online reports:
At least 19 people were killed across Iraq Friday, including 11 in Baghdad when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a massive Shiite mosque despite a security crackdown in the capital, police said.

The blast, which also wounded 25 people, came just an hour before the main weekly Muslim prayers, when the Baratha mosque would have been filled with thousands of worshippers.
The dual focus of Uncle Sam's attack on Baghdad - using Shi'ite and Kurdish collaborator militias to round up Sunni men while Death Squads bomb Shi'ite mosques - follows the same pattern employed throughout the country by Uncle Sam in a thus-far unsuccessful effort to foment a civil war.

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