07 June 2006

Uncle Sam's Mesopotamian Thrashing Continues

Just when you thought the fortunes of Uncle Sam's PsyOp 'War of Terror' could get no worse, events prove otherwise.

In Iraq, where the mujahideen resistance continues with a raging fury, AFP reports on the latest in a seemingly endless detailing of war crimes committed by Sam's GI Joes in Iraq:
29 Iraqis were killed in May in separate incidents involving US forces in the towns of Latifiyah and Yusifiyah, south of Baghdad, and in the capital itself.
The report continues with the spokesman for the human rights department of the Iraqi Islamic Party detailing what his organization had documented:
"On May 13, US forces launched an air assault on a civilian car in Latifiyah and killed six people inside the car," Juburi told reporters.

"On the same day US forces attacked with aircraft the house of a civilian, Saadun Mohsen Hassan, and killed seven of his family members." Juburi said US forces carried out another air strike the next day on the house of Sheikh Yassin Saleh Shallal in the town of Yusifiyah, "killing 13 people, including women and children."
Not really any news in these reports - they and many other crimes are well covered in the Iraqi Resistance Reports we post here regularly. But it's nice that the pro-occupation media finally feels that attacks like these, which have continued uncleasingly for more than 3 years, finally deserve their attention.

Meanwhile, in Iran, Uncle Sam's humiliating diplomatic defeat continues in realtime. The Associated Press reports:
World powers have compromised on a demand that Iran commit to a long-term moratorium on uranium enrichment and are asking only for suspension during talks on Teheran's nuclear program, diplomats said Wednesday.

In another concession, Iran would be allowed to carry out uranium conversion - a precursor to enrichment - if it agrees to multination talks, the diplomats said. They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to divulge the contents of the offer made by six countries to Teheran Tuesday in a bid to defuse the Iranian nuclear standoff.
Of course these "compromises" mean nothing on the ground, because neither the UN, nor NATO, nor anyone else has the right to say Iran can not of should not produce nuclear energy.

But they do expose Uncle Sam's weakness on the issue of Iran before an entire international community who knows Sam plan. The entire world fully appreciates that it plans to fabricate another narrative at the the UN as a tool to cripple the Iranian regime.

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