15 June 2006

Uncle Sam's Colombian Narco Ally in Hot Water

In Wednesday's Washington Times, Steve Salisbury reports on a breaking scandal involving Colombia's fascist, drug-dealing NarcoPresident.

He writes:
An explosive new scandal has placed the Colombian military under unusual pressure...

The Jamundi scandal began May 22, when a unit of one of the army's high-mountain battalions reputedly opened fire on 10 policemen and a civilian accompanying them.

All 10 police, who belonged to the judicial investigations unit, were killed. Eight or nine were reportedly shot in the back or in the head. The civilian informant was reportedly shot point-blank in the head, according to forensic reports cited by local news reports.

Colombian Attorney General Mario Iguaran said the incident, which still is under investigation, showed signs of being a deliberate crime and he accused soldiers and officers involved of engaging in a cover-up. "It wasn't an error. It was a crime. [The police and civilian] didn't have an opportunity to defend themselves. There was previous coordination to the attack. And the worst, there was an attempt to make up alibis to confuse the prosecutors and investigators," Mr. Iguaran is quoted as saying in Colombia's newsmagazine Semana...

This is not the first time Col. Carvajal's unit has experienced controversy. Last year, troops under Col. Carvajal's command reportedly killed 15 guerrillas, some or all of whom later were said to be civilian peasants.
When Alvaro Uribe successfully subverted his nation's constitution and won Colombia's recent election (in a campaign of intimidation and bloodshed), the news that he would govern the brutally oppressive, human rights violating, anti-union NarcoState for another team was welcomed on Sam's Plantation. In sharp contrast, these reports are exactly what Uncle Sam hates to see.

Sam routinely tries to keep the Colombian government's atrocities under wraps, since they view the currupt, militarized regime as the regions only right-wing bulwark capable of combating the growing influence of the Bolivarian revolution - something that Comrade Chavez has made increasingly difficult.

In yet another demonstration of regional solidarity with those oppressed and brutalized by imperialism, Reuters reports that Venezuela has opened its borders to Colombian refugees fleeing the 50-year civil war.
As opposed to what the United States is doing, we are giving them documents and now they have equal rights," Chavez said recently. "The United States is building a wall (to keep immigrants out). We are opening our arms.
That civil war has long served a pretext for the Colombian government to kill social activists, missionaries, and unionists. Consequently, atrocities like those mentioned above come as no surprise.

They are especially commonplace in the Army's 4th Brigade, the group most closely connected to the drug-running paramilitary gangs armed by Uncle Sam. For many years - going back to President Bonzo's collaboration with the Medellin Drug Cartel - right-wing paramilitaries armed and trained by Uncle Sam have used Colombia as a staging area to traffic drugs and fight the FARC's revolutionary insurgency.

Those killed in this attack were no doubt threatening to drop a dime on the paramilitaries game, so they were dealt with.

As part of its ongoing 'War of Terror,' Uncle Sam naturally gravitates to quasi-fascist, corrupt, right-wing governments like Colombia. The threat posed by real, true democracy in the region - the Bolivarian example - has heightened this collaboration. And while the brutality of scandals like those Salisbury details may receive public attention, Sam's support for Urbie and his government will not wane so long as this threat of democracy continues to present itself.

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