16 June 2006

Surveying the Blogosphere: 16 June

Lots of great work among Comrades in the blogosphere today:
  • Another Day in Empire riffs off a Raw Story piece by Larisa Alexandrovna exposing details of the Iran Directorate run out of the State Department run by NED Election-Fixer David Denehy and Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of Five Deferment receiving draft dodger Dick Cheney.

  • Lenin's Tomb has some footage of Malcolm X speeches worth checking out.

  • Left i On the News has a great piece exposing the rank hypocrisy of the Democrats as they attempt to separate what they say about Iraq from what they actually do. In this case, amidst party wrangling over a Cut'N'Run position, they agreed unanimously in the Senate to continue funding the concentration camps, massacres, and depleted uranium bombings that embody Uncle Sam's presence there.
  • Over at Feral Scholar, Stan Goff analyzes as only he can the latest outrage committed by Uncle Sam's GI Joes in Iraq:
A Marine corporal has apologized — after he was busted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations — for making a video of his musical performance, before his company of Marines, who are cheering wildly when the lyrics refer to killing Iraqi children… especially the lyrics “I grabbed her little sister and put her in front of me. As the bullets began to fly, the blood sprayed from between her eyes, and then I laughed maniacally. . .I blew those little fuckers to eternity . . .They should have known they were fucking with the Marines..."

The video is named “Hadji Girl,” using the preferred dehumanizing epithet for Iraqis by GI’s who have been indoctrinated in military masculinity. You can hear the troops off camera, and this is where you have to put yourself in theplace of any troops who might have questioned what was going on… immersed in the collective dynamic of gender and war, each whoop and whistle and cheer affirming your membership in the death-cult… and any outward show of concern potentially subjecting you the knd of peer pressure than can only come from 150 heavily armed 20-year-olds who are earning their public esteem at the direct cost of other people’s lives.


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