17 June 2006


On 4 April of this year, a high-ranking Department of Fatherland Security bureaucrat named Brian Doyle resigned after his arrest on charges of trying to solicit sex with an underage child. “It doesn't come any more hard core,” said Polk County, Fla., Sheriff Grady Judd upon making the announcemnt. “He graphically explained to a 14-year old girl what he would like to do to her and what he would like her to do to him.”

That a DHS employee would be trolling around the internet in seach of kiddie porn trying to solicit sex from a child should come as a no suprise. After all, the repressive bureaucracy has an entire arm of perverted mysogynists devoted to 'finding' and 'studying' child pornography.

The only surprise, in fact, is that Doyle was caught at all.

Upon closer examination, we at Savage Justice have discovered that Doyle's arrest is only the tip of the iceberg of a much wider story largely ignored by the media.

Specifically, we have learned that Brian Doyle has an online alias that he has used to create what amouts to a double life.

When he's not trolling the net for porn, Doyle goes by the name of MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE and operates his own blog - newly added to Savage Klanwatch - called 'The Beak Speaks.'

Still more compelling, Savage Justice has learned from Fatherland Security sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, that MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE has started another blog, reflecting his changed reality, called "Mullah Beak the DHS Pedophile Speaks".

Based upon extensive interviews from those closest to Brian Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE, we can reveal a sordid history that explains - to some extent - Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE's arrest and offers an explanation for his peculiar thoughts, actions, interests, and behavior.

According to 'nanc' - Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE's mom - as early as 5 or 6 years old while growing up a spoiled youth in the Catskills, he diplayed a perverse prediliction for comic books and naked children. "I tried to keep him focused on learning about the glories of sorcery, fascism, censorship, and Apartheid," 'nanc' lamented to Savage Justice, "but all he seemed interested in as a child was cartoons and naked boys."

According to fellow Klanwatcher AmeriKKKaner Pederast, Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE didn't embrace his Nazi past until several years later. "He was in my class," AmeriKKKaner Pederast said. "Once we read that legendary Nazi apologia, The Black Book of Communism, he couldn't get enough of the Nazis. That's where his interest in fascist politics really took off - in my class. That's not all we 'studied,' of course, but you can see how that book has really shaped his life."

"For a long time, Doyle was a leftist who practiced leftism from a leftyish, left perspective," whined Klanwatcher CENSORMAN the LEFTIST SLAVER during our interview. "It wasn't until the Nazi book that his lefty leftist leftism disappeared."

Today, free on $230,000 bond after his arrest and facing life in prison, Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE spends the massive amount of free time he now has writing inane paean's to fascism; uneducated, ahistorical anti-'Communist' rants; vapid, Teddy Roosevelt-esque racist bile, and, of course, taking in all the kiddie porn he can.

Taking a page from his fellow Klanwatchers, MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE has also only recently learned Goebbles's art: wielding the censor's pen.

One may not approve of what Doyle/MULLAH BEAKERKIN the DHS PEDOPHILE has done with his time. But nobody can question his diligence with it.

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