04 June 2006

Savage Pigwatch: British Pigs Gun Unarmed Man

The Sunday Times provides an account today of how an unarmed man was framed-up on fabricated "terrorism" and shot by British Pigs who stormed into his home at 4 a.m. The Times account begins:
When officers clad in black overalls smashed their way into a home in east London in the early hours of Friday morning, Abdul Kahar Kalam awoke in fright and confusion.

According to his account, he stumbled onto the stairwell in his pyjamas and was confronted by armed officers during the 4am raid. He was then shot.

“As he came towards a bend in the stairway, not knowing what was going on downstairs, the police turned the bend up towards him and shot him — and that was without any warning,” his lawyer Kate Roxburgh said last night.

“He wasn’t asked to freeze, given any warning and didn’t know the people in his house were police officers until after he was shot. He is lucky still to be alive.”
The paper continues by detailing the massive extent of the frame-up operation.
Neighbours said yesterday they have suspected for some weeks that one of their homes in the street might be under surveillance. But there was no indication of the extensive police operation that was to unfold on Friday, one of the biggest anti-terror operations since September 11.
Accounts like this show that while Sam's plantation remains, by far and away, the epicenter of brutality and frame-up operations by Pigs, the PsyOp 'War on Terror' has done a great deal to export the same type of racist and fascistic behavior abroad.

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