14 June 2006

Realtime Apartheid in Occupied Palestine

Two pieces appeared today exposing - yet again - the naked racist hypocrisy of the Zionist settler state. In the first, Zohar Blumenkrantz and Jack Khory report in today's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz on the Adalah Legal Center's discovery of, "a Shin Bet order barring Arabs from traveling on flights":
An investigation by Haaretz has revealed that there is a Jewish passengers only policy on these flights.

The Transportation Ministry, acting on instruction from the Shin Bet security service, decided that Arabs would not be allowed on the flights...

The flights from the north to the center of the country are operated by Tamir Flights...

In April, the Industry and Trade Ministry stopped funding providing the NIS 30,000 monthly cost for security for the building... As a result, the necessary security checks are not conducted, and non-Jewish passengers are not allowed to board flights.

Udi Tamir, one of Tamir Flight's owners, confirmed Tuesday that non-Jews are not permitted on flights... saying Tamir added that he is operating according to security forces' instructions.
The second report, also in pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz outlined yet another case of Palestinian property destruction by land thieves:
Some 45 olive trees belonging to a Palestinian farmer from the West Bank village of Salem have been damaged, apparently by settlers, witnesses said...

The damaged trees are located next to a road leading to the Elon Moreh settlement, near Nablus.
Neither of these savage atrocities should surprise anyone. In fact, their ordinary everydayness tells us more about the pervasive racism and White Supremacy that exists in Apartheid Israel more than any policy statement could ever hope to do.

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