02 June 2006

Middle East Online: Uncle Sam Takes the "Salvador Option" into Somalia

Abukar Arman reports in today's Middle East Online on another of Uncle Sam's ubiquitous campaigns of genocide and murder in Somalia. "This time," Arman reports
The US is in partnership with a collaborative of warlords that many, ironically, consider the criminal elements that kept the political fire burning for over a decade.

In a reinvention of convenience, these warlords now call themselves the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism and claim to be fighting a US sanctioned “global war on terror”. In this particular round, against a Somali fundamentalist Islamic group known as “The Islamic Courts” who has been asserting itself in various localities in Southern Somalia by setting up courts, building schools and hospitals, and providing various social services to locals.
The lesson learned here is clear: if, anywhere in the world, groups want to develop institutions that benefit working people, Uncle Sam will transform you into a terrorist in order to legitimize a brutal and attack. Sam's aims, in doing this, to prevent such institions from ever developing so that the local populations - particularly concentrated populations of poor and oppressed people - never risk an exhibition of solidarity and community for fear of reprisal.

This behavior - intimidation through violence - constitutes a chief pillar of Uncle Sam's foreign policy throughout the world. But conflicts throughout the world have begun to threaten Sam's pre-eminence on this front, and Somalia is one place where Sam's has taken aim to recoup its losses.

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