04 June 2006

Lenin's Tomb Exposes Horrowitz's Front Page Mag Agitprop

I encourage everyone to head over to Lenin's Tomb and read his report showing how Jackbooted neo-Nazi David Horrowitz dispatched a story posted to his racist, petty bourgeois website - Front Page Mag - down the memory hole hours after going online when it become "inconvenient".
The story, from David Horowitz's mouth-breathers' daily, FrontPage magazine - with the enticing headline "Haditha: Blood Money, Lies and Videotape?" - has been removed rather quickly.
We know that Horrowitz - who believes universities should fire any academics to the left of Mussolini - really does not care about facts, truth, or evidence. Lenin's report simply points out his hypocrisy in doing so while simultaneously rewriting history.

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