02 June 2006

Is Ambassador David Greenlee Conspiring against Bolivia?

While daily outbreaks of violence in the Middle East produce tension and hostility between Uncle Sam's Empire and those resisting it, a subterranean conflict with similarly troubling consequences for Sam continues in South America as the political consciousness of those living in the region shifts to the left.

As with Iran, the tone of this conflict continues to intensify. Prompted by Uncle Sam's latest lectures about democracy in the region, Comrade Chavez shot back:
We'll have to tell the U.S. president that we are very worried because his imperialist, war-mongering government is dangerously eroding the possibility of peace and life on this planet.
On one side of this struggle - one that permeates every decision made in South America - we have Uncle Sam and its collaborator allies including 'Alpha-66' - a terrorist network boasting members like Robert Ferro and Luis Posada Carrilles - and Sam's favorite narco-politician, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

These terrorist elements no doubt have an intimite connection to the ongoing rioting in Venezuela.

On the other side, political leaders like Evo, Fidel, and Chavez have responded to the threats against them by raising the stakes of struggle, employing tactics that strike at the heart of the Empire like agereeing to sell oil in Euros, the decision to buy Arms from Russia, the Bolivian move to nationalize their natural gas reserves, and efforts to cut the OPEC quota.

Reuters and AP recently quoted Comrade Chavez during a broadcast "in front of an audience of Bolivian indigenous leaders" in which he began to outline the evolving terrain of struggle in this conflict. With his nation's strengthening alliance with Bolivia, that nation now finds itself in the same crosshairs as Chavez's Venezuela. He said:
When the U.S. president said a few days ago that he was worried because democracy is eroding in Bolivia it's because, you can be sure, he has a plan against Bolivia... The (US) embassy in Bolivia is already whispering in the ears of the Bolivian military to turn them against the government of Evo Morales... There's a plan against Bolivia, and the US ambassador in Bolivia is the head of this plan.
A quick look at Ambassador Greenlee's bio reveals that Chavez has sufficient cause for alarm. He's clearly one of Uncle Sam's Technicians who, concealing himself behind Embassy Walls, plots and schemes with fellow spooks in various 'political' offices (i.e., CIA covers) throughout South America and the Middle East - in Paraguay, Haiti, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Israel, and Egypt - and as a 'Political Advisor' to the Army Chief of Staff.

But Uncle Sam's moves towards destabilizing Boliva do not occur in a vaccuum. We should view the campaign against Bolivia Chavez cites alongside the ongoing military exercise in South America undertaken by Uncle Sam clearly meant to intimidate Venezuela and its allies. On 23 May Periodico 26 reported:
Supplying an additional 2,000 troops, another three US warships have left for the Caribbean to participate in military exercises to begin on [23 May].

The USS Bataan, an amphibious assault ship; the USS Taylor, a missile carrier; and the USS Fort McHenry disembarkation vessel were selected to participate in the maneuvers by the Pentagon, which has maintained a combat group in Caribbean waters since April.

The fleet is headed by the USS George Washington aircraft carrier, reported the Prensa Latina news agency.

The operation will continue until June 15 with headquarters on the French island of Guadalupe and on Curacao, the latter only 50 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela.
These exercises have two goals: first, to prepare for an eventual invasion of South America with Colombia as a staging area and secondly, to threaten leaders like Chavez and Morales.

But we also know that the people of Venezuela have learned from the Iraqi resistance and have been making preparations for Uncle Sam's arrival with a campaign of incinerating oil fields and fighting a guerrilla war against the invaders until they leave.

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