02 June 2006

In Light of Sam's Failure to Start a War at the UN, will NATO invaide Iran?

By analyzing the timeline of the recent diplomatic statements from Uncle Sam and Iran concerning the manufactured nuclear standoff, one can achieve a real understanding of Sam's diplomatic isolation and lack of options.

On Wednesday, Sambo Rice's made a sham 'announcement' stating that Uncle Sam was willing to talk with Iran provided the Persian nation capitulate to all of Uncle Sam's demands before the negotiations begin. This announcment makes sense only as a face saving measure, coming just days after Iran's announement on Friday:
Iran's foreign minister yesterday rejected a U.S. offer of direct talks on Iraq as Tehran hardened its position against international pressure to stop its uranium enrichment... because the Americans raised 'other issues'.
In other words, Sambo Rice's announcement was a ploy - just another phony Foggy Bottom psy-op in their $75,000,000 propaganda war against Iran.

Iran has every right to produce nuclear energy, and their categorical refusal to consider the fake proposal and their willingness to negotiate on equal footing further exposed Uncle Sam's inability to make any diplomatic headway with Iran at all. The threat of a Iranian or Russian Oil Bourse has rendered another central pillar - Greenback imperialism - worthless, too.

Diplomatic setbacks like these, along with the threat of Greenback collapse, naturally expose Sam's over-reliance on its last remaining pillar of strength - the threat of violence. But the disasterous outcomes of the Iraqi and Afghan occupations demonstrate the waning influence of that pillar, too.

Just as Comrade Hugo has done in the course of Sam's manufactured crisis against Venezulela, Iran's government has called its bluff. Posing a direct challenge to Uncle Sam's amped-up rhetoric, Ha'aretz reported that, "Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, declaring that the United States was too tied down in Iraq and Afghanistan to be able to mount an attack on Iran, said Tuesday that 'there is no such country' as Israel." In pointing out Sam's weakness out clearly and vocally, Iran has helped to embarrass, outsmart, and delegitimate Uncle Sam on a global stage.

After months of posturing and propagandizing against Iran, Uncle Sam has gotten nowhere at the United Nations. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov "all the agreements from [Thursday's] meetings rule out in any circumstances the use of military force." To preserve the charade of consensus and get the Iranian case to the Security Council, Uncle Sam gave away it's lone serious weapon.

The world knows that the only instrument the United States has to wield against Iran is the gun - violence. And their refusal to explicitly rule out the use of force in Iraq proved to Russia and China that referring Iran to the Security Council gives Sam the cover to attack. In other words, if Uncle Sam goes to war, it will do so by its own choosing and isolated from even their most servile allies.

They have not even gotten anywhere with allies like Iraq. While the new puppet 'government' still lacks a Defense Minister and and Interior Minister - two of the three most important positions in the government - their foreign ministry spoke out on Iran's right to nuclear energy. This shows that Uncle Sam's installed Iraqi puppet government has more loyalty towards Iran than the GI Joes. And considering Apartheid Israel's sneak attack on Iraq nearly 25 years ago, it also demonstrates the hypocrisy and racism inherent in the assertion that Iran shouldn't have nuclear energy when Aparthied Israel has 200 nukes has no legal or moral validity.

Uncle Sam has trapped itself. After spewing so much propaganda about Iran, the diplomatic game is over and they have lost. The only recourse to which Sam can now turn to save face is violence. And for that, Apartheid Israel will continue to play the tip of Sam's spear by triggering the war - possibly by attacking Hizbullah - as I discussed yesterday - under the auspices of a proxy attack on Iran.

NATO, who services report is working closer than ever with Apartheid Israel, also seems poised to play a role in the attack.

We must have no doubt that such an attack has moved well into the planning stages and stand side-by-side with the people of Iran as they prepared to resist the Empire with shock and awe of its own.

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