15 June 2006

Has Apartheid Israel become a Rapist's Paradise?

Given recent reporting in the pro-Apartheid media, the provocative title of this piece poses a legitimate question.

Apartheid Israel's defenders love to repeat endlessly the fact that various Islamic resistance movements throughout the Middle East oppress women. These critics frequently point to the veiling of Islamic women as evidence of such oppression.

But somehow, when Zionist settlers commit crimes against women of a far more violent, heinous nature, these same critics suppress that feminist impulse and remain silent. Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reported today that:
Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Thursday sentenced a man to 15 years in prison for repeatedly raping his stepdaughter over a two-year period.

The man admitted to the crime and the prosecution agreed to a plea bargain.

According to the indictment, the man would rape his stepdaughter when his wife was not at home.

On some occasions, the man abused the girl in front of his own biological seven-year-old daughter.

When the girl asked her father to stop the rapes and abuse, he would punish her.
In another article in today's Ha'aretz entitled "3 held for brutally raping and beating prostitute," Roni Singer-Heruti reports that:
Police have arrested three Ramat Gan men suspected of abducting a prostitute, and raping and beating her for six hours early yesterday...

According to an initial police investigation, the woman was kidnapped around 12:30 A.M. Wednesday in a parking lot near the Ramat Gan stock exchange. The suspects - who police said are in their 20s and have police records for violence - allegedly removed the prostitute from a car in the lot, after beating her and her client. They then put her in the backseat of another car, police said.
And finally, responding to, "allegations that close to 50 IDF troops on the Nevatim base in the south had raped a 14-year-old girl, the daughter of a career military air force serviceman who lived on the base with the soldiers," the base commander 'retired.'

The piece, printed in the pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post, reported that:
The sex, the officer said, began a year-and-a-half-ago when the girl was 13. Under interrogation the soldiers confessed to having sex with the minor but claimed that she told them she was 16 - a legal age for sex - and was preparing to enlist in the IDF.
These accounts of violence and brutality against women shine a light on the racist hypocrisy and shameless mythmaking that underscores the frequent juxtaposition of 'Oppresive, barbaric Muslims' (who often kill their children) with the civilized 'Western values' of Apartheid Israel.

These crimes are savage. And serious feminists - feminists committed to the liberation of all oppressed people - should carefully consider how a position that condemns some violence and ignores other for political reasons not only legitimates violence by Zionists against women but, more broadly, it advances the savagery and brutality Apartheid Israel's violent occupation.

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