09 June 2006

Comrade Chavez Prepares Venezuela for Another Invasión Yanqui

As Uncle Sam's fortunes in the Middle East erode further every day - thanks to the heroic Iraqi Mujihadeen, the refusal of the Palestinian government to recognize Apartheid Israel, the resistance of Hizbullah, and Iran's unwavering intransigence on the issue of nuclear power - it has turned its attention increasingly to disciplining its own hemisphere. But there, too - thanks to the actions of Boliva, Venezuela, and Cuba - the War of Terror has started to collapse beneath the weight of its own contradictions.

Diplomatically, Uncle Sam has escalated (if such a thing is possible) their diplomatic offensive against Venezula in an effort to keep them off the UN Security Council, where it stands to take over one of that body's rotating posts just as Sam prepares for a war against Iran. Humiliated at the recent OAS meeting by its failure to alienate Brazil and Argentina from Venezuela, Uncle Sam has turned its attention to intimidating Chile into obedience on the same matter.

Periodico 26 translated a report of a meeting between Sambo Rice and Chilean Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley on April 21:
"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice devoted an overwhelming proportion of her meeting with Foxley to only one issue: Venezuela's candidacy to the United Nations Security Council," La Tercera reported.

"She differentiated this issue from all other regional and multilateral decisions and said its singularity is that 'it aims at the heart of US interests.' Foxley attempted to explain that Chile must consider the opinions of its neighbors and that, in any case, has not yet made a decision [...] but the Secretary of State was unequivocal: the United States 'will not understand' a vote by Chile in favor of Venezuela at the Security Council."
In response, Comrade Chavez and the Venezuelan people he represents continue to make movesthat undercut and emasculate the Yanqui Empire. One such program has called for the boosting of Venezuela's military preparedness. Chavez, a former paratrooper, has taken this responsibility with flair. In discussing the efforts, Xinhuanet quoted Chavez on his weekly television and radio show, "Venezuela is not going to attack anyone, but I repeat that no one should make any mistakes. We are going to defend this country with everything we have."

On Thursday, Andy Webb-Vidal - an anti-Chavez propagandist of the first order - wrote a report in the Financial Times where he discussed the newly-minted agreement between Russia and Venezuela in which:
Venezuela is to build Latin America’s first Kalashnikov factory under a deal with Russia that has stoked fears in Washington about the oil-rich country’s arms procurement plans...

Mr Chávez said Mikhail Kalashnikov, the 86-year-old inventor of the weapon, would visit the site where the factory will be built. But he gave no date for its construction.

Venezuela alleges that the US has covert plans to invade it, and that its arms procurement programme is aimed at modernising its defences. But Pentagon officials, long uncomfortable with what they perceive as Mr Chávez’s oil-funded efforts to undermine democracy in the region, are becoming uneasy as Mr Chávez’s promises of arms purchases turn to reality.
Meanwhile, fully aware that any Invasión Yanqui would come with Colombia as a staging point, AP reports that Venezuela has deployed additional soldiers to the border.
Venezuela is beefing up its troop strength along the Colombian border, negotiating with Russia to set up arms factories, and preparing for a possible invasion, the army commander said Friday.

The army has increased its force along the Colombian border by about 6,000 men, Gen. Raul Baduel said at a news conference. He said 1,000 troops are now guarding the 1,370-mile border, which is plagued by drug trafficking, smuggling and guerrilla and paramilitary activities.
While Chavez's talk of a coming invasion may be overblown, the reason for this has more to do with his constant discussion of it than anything else. If he was silent on the matter, it likely would have already occurred.

Just as unsettling to Uncle Sam as Chavez's belligerance are its troubles on the legal front. Anxious to deflect attention away from its backin gof famed terrorist Posada Carriles, Uncle Sam was caught red-handed trying to blatantly frame-up of a Florida International University professor as a Cuban spy.

This frame-up happened because Sam wants to shift attention away from Posada because through him its global crises presents itself. Prensa Latina reports that Posada's ally, Colonel James Steele currently serves as commander of Uncle Sam's Death Squads in Iraq. The piece notes:
Steele was the one to whom Posada Carriles reported the shooting down of a DC-3 airplane in Nicaragua and Eugene Hassenfus´ apprehension, an incident that provoked the Iran-Contras scandal.
And goes on to point out that:
Steele... developed plans in El Salvador to attack revolutionary leaders and their followers.
Uncle Sam is now caught in a Latin American pincer - trapped betwen its rhetoric of democracy and freedom and its contradictory efforts to destabilize those very ideas where they exist with terrorists like Steele and Posada. We cannot expect that they will change strategies in light of these contradictions.

More importantly, however, we can remain confident that our Comrades in Venezuela, Boliva, and Cuba will continue to point them out to the world in order to build resistance to the Yanqui Empire.

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