19 June 2006

Collaboration Between Fatah and Apartheid Israel Confirmed

In Sunday's pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post, Khaled Abu Tomah reports that:
Hamas on Saturday called on the Palestinian Legislative Council to launch an investigation into the transfer of rifles and ammunition to forces loyal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, charging that the move was intended to trigger civil war among the Palestinians.
Last week in London, Apartheid Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's announced the move. And while "Abbas and his top aides have publicly denied knowing anything about the deal," they are almost certainly lying. Tomah reports:
Hamas officials said on Saturday that Abbas's loyalists in the West Bank and Gaza Strip had received three trucks loaded with rifles and ammunition. They said the shipment, which included 3,000 M-16 rifles and three million bullets, was delivered to Abbas's office in Ramallah and Gaza City.
In the words of one unnamed Palestinian official, "The Israeli government should not have published this." Fearing how it looked, the official lamented, "this is an extremely sensitive issue and the Palestinians street will now think that Israel is arming us so that we could fight Hamas. This makes us look like collaborators."

Just like the time last January when Fatah took $2,000,000 of Uncle Sam's blood money in an effort to rig the Palestinian Elections, this story confirms - yet again - which side much of the Fatah leadership has taken in the Palestinian struggle for liberation.

Not content to investigate Abbas and his party alone, the piece continues:
Hamas urged the PLC to look into the "size of American and Israeli intervention in the internal affairs of the Palestinians. We strongly condemn the exposed American-Zionist conspiracy to spark dissension among our people by arming and financing one side under the pretext of arming the presidential guard."
If they choose to investigate, the PLC will almost certainly uncover deep collaboration at the highest levels. How that body responds to such egregious collaboration with the Zionist occupier will reveal a great deal about its future viability as a liberatory institution.

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