13 June 2006

Apartheid Israel Increases Terrorist Attacks in Response to Global Alienation

In today's pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post, Yaakov Katz reports - in a typically biased account - on Apartheid Israel's rocket attack earlier today that killed "seven Palestinian civilians, including two schoolchildren." While Katz can slant his narrative in a racist way, he cannot alter the facts.

This latest strike comes amid a dramatic escalation of terrorist violence by the Apartheid Occupier. According to an 11 June report by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights:
Over the past 24 hours, the Gaza Strip was the target of a deadly escalation in Israeli attacks. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) committed a number of war crimes in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the killing of fourteen Palestinians and the injury of thirty-six others, including thirteen children. The most severe and inhumane of these crimes was the killing of seven members of the same family (father, mother and five children), who had been enjoying a day on the beach to the west of the town of Beit Lahya. The family was hit by artillery fired from an Israeli naval boat. The seven other victims were killed in extra-judicial execution operations. Three of the victims of these executions were civilians and the other four were activists. Four other activists were injured in failed extra-judicial execution attempts.

PCHR’s preliminary investigation indicates that the attack which killed seven members of the same family took place at approximately 16:40 on Friday, 9 June 2006. An Israeli naval boat stationed off the coast of Beit Lahya fired seven successive artillery shells at civilians on the beach in the Waha area, north of Beit Lahya. The shells landed on the beach, which had been crowded with civilian men, women and children at the time. Seven civilians from the same family (father, mother and five children) were killed. A sixth child from the same family escaped death but was seen on television crying hysterically beside her father’s body. A further thirty-two civilians, including thirteen children, were injured. Two of the injured sustained serious wounds.
Following a global outcry, Apartheid Israel predictably appointed the perpetrators of the crime - the Apartheid military - to whitewash the attack as they have done so many times before under similar circumstances.

And like clockwork, after a few hours the military emerged with a fairy tale account of the attack, deploying the age-old racist argument that "Palestinians kill their own children" blaming Hamas for the attack while exonerating itself from any responsibility.

Could a lie be any more transparent? I suppose it could. The occupier army could have called Iran, Hizbullah, or EVIL alCIAda GOBLIN Zarqawi accessories. Even the Apartheid military has limits, I suppose.

This series of events occurs within a very important context. On Monday, as part of its continued resistance operations, the Palestinian Authority launched 15 more rockets into Zionist-occupied Palestine, turning the illegal outpost of Sderot into a ghost town.

Apartheid Israel's response of escalating the wanton slaughter of Palestinian civilians - described above - further shows that the Zionist colony has no serious response to the rocket attacks - whether coming from Hizbullah, from Syria, from Iran, or from the Palestinians.

Apartheid Israel's escalation of attacks on civilians expose their weakness, not their strength. Besides Uncle Sam, who views the Apartheid colony as both a military base and a way to fuel sectarian fighting among Arabs and Muslims, Apartheid Israel has never been more isolated in the world.

Its dilemma is that while attacks on civilians like those launched in recent days may sate some of the visceral rage, hatred, and racism felt among pro-Apartheid settlers and their apologists, they do nothing but intensify its alienation throughout the globe.

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