07 June 2006

Apartheid Israel Fabricates Another anti-Hamas Fairy Tale

In the latest PsyOp manufacture of of outright lies from Apartheid Israel's Spook Shop, we now read in pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz that anonymous 'intelligence' sources have decided - with no proof whatsoever - to frame-up Hamas as the responsible party for the latest string of rocket attacks.

Such cavalier dismissal of facts and evidence is customary for the Apartheid colony, which has never used lack of proof to hamper to its theft of Palestinian land through every administrative vehicle. It uses the 'Judicial' system to sanction the government's Apartheid policy. Its Pigs' ruthlessly collaborate with the Zionist equivalent of neo-Nazi Minutemen. And it works to arm the allies of Mahmoud Abbas in anticipation of his efforts to replace the Palestinian government with a dictatorship.

We can attribute these actions undertaken by Apartheid Israel to the growing force and strenth of resistance to the settler colony - a resistance expressed not just among the Palestinians, but among Hizbullah, the Sadrists, Syria, Iran, and the whole Middle East. Apartheid Israel's recognizes that its instense and failing effort to stop what it calls intollerable rocket attacks in Palestine proper demonstrates but a foretaste of what it faces from Iran, Syria, and Hizbullah in case of an escalation of conflict in the region.

The rocket attacks show how weak and isolated the Apartheid colony is. Their effort to frame-up Hamas for the attacks only proves its willingness to say anything to justify its own criminality.

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