12 June 2006

Anti-NATO Protests in Ukraine Force Uncle Sam Out of Crimean War Game

In today's Guardian, Nick Paton Walsh report that:
US marines who were preparing for Nato-led war games in the Ukrainian region of Crimea left amid acrimony on Monday after weeks of protest against the military bloc left doubts as to whether the exercises would take place at all.

A Ukrainian navy spokesman, Volodymyr Bova, told the Interfax news agency that 100 marine reservists were flying back to the US airbase in Ramstein, Germany. They have been unable to complete their task of improving the plumbing and infrastructure of the Feodosiya military base on the Black Sea because of anti-Nato protests that in effect barricaded them into the health resort where they had been staying since their arrival over two weeks ago.
Fresh on the heels of its Chilean rebuff on Venezuela and Iran's refusal to meet the preconditions demanded by Uncle Sam to negotiate over its nuclear energy program, Sam's pullout of this Crimean military exercise marks its latest diplomatic setback.

It also exposes the fraud and weakness of Uncle Sam's NED-led "Orange Revolution," which relied on Western propaganda, 'NGOs' like the Soros Foundation and Freedom House, and exit polls to fix the December 2004 election in a way that favored Sam's interests.

One such interest involved the presence of NATO on Ukrainian soil to blunt any projection of Russian military power. With this retreat, however, Russia and its allies dealt Sam's ambitions a severe blow.

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