28 June 2006

Another Free Pass for Limbaugh in Uncle Sam's War on Drugs

We at Savage Justice had quite a laugh when we learned that 8-Ball Fascist Rush Limbaugh - Uncle Sam's Impotent, Pill-Popping Propagandist - "broke the law by obtaining Viagra in someone else's name" according to the Chicago Tribune. This marks the second time in the last few years that Limbaugh lied to doctors (one can hardly doubt he had difficulty lying) to get drugs.

He wasn't arrested, of course.

Because unlike the millions and millions of non-White people incarcerated in Uncle Sam's Gulag on the phony pretext of a 'War on Drugs' - basically a 'War on Terror' against Blacks and Latin@s - Rush Limbaugh is a 'made' man. He gets a free pass.

Isn't Limbaugh quite the metaphor for Uncle Sam?

A fat, ignorant White Supremacist Man geeked up on prescription drugs and impotence pills who talks shit all day long.


He reminds me of SAMBO WARREN the INJUN KILLER

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