29 May 2006

Uncle Sam's GI Joes Trigger Riots in Kabul

Rioting erupted yesterday in Afghanistan after a gang of Uncle Sam's GI Joes "deliberately" plowed their Humvee into several cars during rush hour at a busy Kabul intersection. The AP reported that "the death toll from the unrest rose to 11, most of them from gunshot wounds, according to three city hospitals. More than 100 people were wounded. Up to five people were killed in the accident, but it wasn't clear whether these deaths were among the tolls the hospitals reported."

In other words after the wreck, the occupier army went postal, setting off a massacre by opening fire on rock-throwing protestors and onlookers who had gathered. In response, the government imposed martial law on Kabul.

[Watch an AP video of the rioting.]

Resistance to the NATO-led occupation of Afghanistan has reached its highest level since Uncle Sam launched its unprovoked war against the people of that nation during the fall of 2001. Attacks like these, which greatly intensify the anti-NATO resentment and further delegitimate the Unocal Karzi's puppet stewardship over the country.


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