23 May 2006

Surveying the Blogosphere

A number of great reports & analysis ignored in the Capitalist media have appeared in the Blogosphere of late.
  • Joshua Frank, writing in CounterPunch has an interesting interview with Ward Churchill exposing the hypocrisy of the Right-Wing footnote police clearly aiming to have him fired.

  • On his site, Thomas Paine's Corner, Dave Kimble has written an important piece entitled "Collapse of the Petrodollar Looming" which reported on Russian President Vladimir Putin's State of the Nation Address where he he announced Russia's intent to open a Russian oil bourse:
    In his annual State of the Nation address to both houses of parliament on 10 May 2006, Novosti reports President Putin said that work on making the Rouble an internationally convertible currency would be completed by 1 July 2006, six months ahead of schedule. To promote the currency, he announced that an oil and gas stock exchange will be created in Russia, that would trade in Roubles....

    Russia's oil exports represent 15.2% of the world's export trade in oil, making it a much more significant player than Iran, with 5.8% of export volumes. Russia also produces 25.8% of the world's gas exports, while Iran is still only entering this market as an exporter.
    Writing in Uruknet, Mike Whitney has also written of this important development that could potentially dwarf the Iranian bourse set to open whenever Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel launch their upcoming invasion.

  • Lenin's Tomb recently ran a great report debunking the fraudulent story, originally reported in the Canadian National Post, that Iran was forcing Jews to wear armbands. Could the original report have been the product of the State Department's $75,000,000 Ahmed Chalabi-style propaganda campaign against Iran?

  • Truth About Iraqis quotes a Pentagon report announcing that foreign mercinaries serving Uncle Sam's occupation in Iraq have received citizenship. If you fight and die for Empire, you're greeted with open arms. If you're an immigrant making poverty-wages, though, it's deportation or death.

  • Neo-CONNED News recently conducted an interview with Ibrahim Ebeid, an Editor with the Arab website, Al-Moharer.net, a site that frequently posts reports from the Iraqi Mujahideen.

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