04 May 2006

Slave Revolt Radio: Negroes Quit Playing; The Problem with Cynthia McKinney

Many thanks to my comrade Tracey James for plugging Savage Justice in the opening credits of Slave. It means a great deal. Solidarity!

If one were to glide through the Sudan, Congo, Hati, New Orleans, and the rest of Sams plantation one would notice the same thing. Black folks are being exterminated in a cold calculated way by our enemies.

Some of the question we need to start asking ourselves is how should we respond. Have the 'protest' tatics worked?. If we don't have the right to live do the people who are involved in these campaigns have a right to live?. In a (Ruins of Empire) piece called 'Negroes quit playing' Slave Revolt deal with this topic head on.

Then in a (Beyond the shadow) segment called 'The problem with Cynthia McKinney' we deal with why the State hates one it's own Representative in Congress. Why the corporate media loves to bash her. And why Rumsfeld bumbles in her company. Outlining that in this late stage of a degenerated capitalism order independent questions by one of their own can't be tolerated.

Tonight's show includes background music from Ali Farka Toure.

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