24 May 2006

Savage Blogwatch: xymphora confirms Plamegate as a CIA set-up

xymphora has confirmed what seemed apparent for many months now - the entire Plame mess is a product of bureaucratic infighting on Sam's Plantation between the White House and the CIA.

And over at Another Day in Empire, Kurt Nimmo follows up on the most recent anti-Iranian Zionist Black-Op fabrication. It seems clear to me that this story's exposure as shameless, hackneed propaganda has completely boomeranged on those who felt it would advance their cause of war versus Iran. Instead of becoming a tipping point for war like the Iraqi "Babies in Incubator" fantasy back in 1990 or the more recent lies about Iraq's "Aluminum Tubes," this campaign has exposed the exposers as shameless liars while doing nothing to advance their cause of killing Iranians.

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