25 May 2006

Mujahadden Strike NATO's Afghan Occupation

The Daily Times of Pakistan quotes a Western wire-service report on a huge outbreak of violence reporting today in occupied Afghanistan, corroborating accounts elsewhere that a mass movement which "could transcend a simple Taliban-led insurgency to evolve into a powerful Islamic movement," has begun to intensify their resistance - especially in the southern region of the country - against NATO's Afghan occupation.

Using inflated body counts that characterized Uncle Sam's attack on Vietnam, the report begins:
Sixty Taliban and five Afghan security forces members were killed in a new clash in Afghanistan on Wednesday as the US-led coalition defended itself against mounting criticism of civilian deaths.

The suspected insurgents were killed in a “fierce” six-hour battle and subsequent clean-up operation in Uruzgan late on Tuesday, said a top Afghan general and the coalition.

The fighting started when a joint Afghan and coalition combat patrol returned fire after several Taliban rebels hiding in a nearby compound shot at them, said a coalition statement. “Afghan and coalition forces beat back the attack with heavy machine gun fire and forced the attackers to retreat. Enemy fighters then attempted to reinforce with additional militants from two nearby compounds,” it said.
As one knows from following events in Afghanistan closely, Human Rights groups and eyewitnesses on the ground almost always immediately challenge the veracity of these announcements by NATO and their collaborator allies. And such is the case here:
Afghanistan’s main human rights group said that witnesses and villagers claimed between 25 and 30 civilians were killed in the strike, which it condemned as a “clear” violation of human rights. Villagers have said the toll included children, with several homes destroyed by bombs and scores of animals killed...

US military spokesman Col Tom Collins also apologised to the victims’ families, saying "we never wanted this to happen."
Of course, the reality is that Uncle Sam's GI Joes did intend for 'this' to happen. Otherwise, they would not have dropped bombs on innocent civilians.

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