01 May 2006

MayDay on the Frontlines: STRIKE! for Immigrant Rights

Reprinted from Stan Goff's Feral Scholar Blog:
This is just a plain old action-step appeal. Monday, May 1, 2006, millions of Latin@s all over the United States will walk off the job and out of school and not buy anything anywhere. This is one of the most momentous movements we will see in our lifetimes.

Support this action on May Day, and ask others to support it. Not only has the proto-fascist right in this country settled on immigrants as the target of their wrath present and future, the immigrants who are waging this action are putting a spotlight on imperialism that operates right here in the United States. This action — no matter how large or small — is showing us how to resist in a way that has teeth.

Here are some ways to support:
  • Join any rallies that are planned locally.
  • Organize a small group to hold bi-lingual signs at busy intersections that day (see sign content below).
  • Don’t buy anything.
  • Walk off your job, or don’t go to work (every little bit adds to the aggregate impact).
  • Conduct pre-dawn banner drops over busy highways (see signs below).
  • Write letters to the editor (because the right-wing xenophobes already are).
  • Call you Congressperson and tell them you want amnesty for immigrants.
  • I am not suggesting grafitti that would be illegal (gasp!), but it would be interesting if the simple word Huelga! (Strike!) started appearing everywhere.

Honk if you love immigrants!
Toca la bocina si tu amas los imigrantes!

General Strike — Show the People’s Power!
Huelga General — Ensena el poder del pueblo!

Dignity is a human right!
La dignidad es un dercho humano!

Break the machine!
Rompa la maquina!

Enough is enough!
Basta es basta!

We support the immigrants!
Apoyamos los imigrantes!

Black and Latino United!
Latino y Moreno Unido!

CITGO - Bolivarian Gas!
CITGO - Gasolina Bolivariana!

In the spirit of Zapata!
En el espirito de Zapata!

Humans are not illegal!
Humanos no son ilegales!

Citizens of the Earth!
Ciudadanos del Mundo!

If you are not a Native American, YOU are an immigrant!
Si no tiene sangre indio, TU eres el imigrante!

The Mexicans crossed the border. (X out “Mexicans” and replace with border; X out “border” and replace with “Mexicans”… to read “The border crossed the Mexicans”)

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