02 May 2006

Joe Biden's Iraqi Delusion

After their failed effort to foist a puppet government led by Ahmed Chalabi or Iyad Alawi on the Iraqi people, Uncle Sam has since adopted the strategy of creating sectarian divisions in Iraq, trying to polarize the country. For months in Iraq - by manufacturing "Zarqawi the Evil Muslim Goblin," by organizing death squads to carry out terrorist attacks, and by launching several attacks against the Sadrists - Uncle Sam has tried to achieve this end.

It is into this policial climate, with the apparent intent of making the world dumber, that the ubiquitous, careerist, White Supremecist hack Joe Biden (D-MBNA) added his genocidal, blood-soaked vision of Iraq's future to the public discourse. In an op-ed appearing on Monday in The New York Times entitled "Unity through Autonomy in Iraq," Biden articulated a 5-step solution to Uncle Sam's Mesopotamian quagmire.

He calls for:
  • First: a partition of Iraq into "three largely autonomous regions with a viable central government in Baghdad. The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security. The central government would control border defense, foreign affairs and oil revenues."
  • Second: "entice the Sunnis into joining the federal system with an offer they couldn't refuse."
While gangster metaphors are appropriate for what Uncle Sam has done in Iraq, the suggestion that the Sunnis would accept any offer from Sam is patently absurd. They stated years ago that a precondition for negotiating with Sam is the withdrawal of all occupation forces from Iraq. They will keep fighting Uncle Sam and killing Uncle Sam until Sam leaves.

Nobody and nothing short of Sam's unconditional surrender will stop it from happening. So why in the world should they negotiate? Biden never bothers to ask, let alone answer, this obvious question. Were the tables turned, would Biden have mercy on the Iraqi people?
  • Third: "ensure the protection of the rights of women and ethno-religious minorities by increasing American aid to Iraq but tying it to respect for those rights."
Is anyone else sick of this shameless posturing on the part of Democrats to protect the rights of women? After using women as an electoral crutch for countless election cycles, Biden and his party did nothing outside of cast a few dozen meaningless votes to prevent the confirmation of two anti-women judges to the Supreme Court, yet he now expects us to believe he's a passionate defender of women elsewhere?
  • Fourth: "the president must direct the military to design a plan for withdrawing and redeploying our troops from Iraq by 2008."
In other words, Biden reformulates the Murtha strategy of gearing up for an attack on Iran by pulling Uncle Sam's GI Joes from Iraq and redeploying them to Kuwait and elsewhere.
  • Fifth: "under an international or United Nations umbrella, we should convene a regional conference to pledge respect for Iraq's borders and its federal system."
Again, this is meant to strike a blow against Iran when Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel finally launch their campaign to kill Iranians. Convening such a conference aims to offset the inevitable Shi'i uprising that will ensue once they bomb Iran. Doing so under the banner of the UN creates a fig-leaf for Uncle Sam - that body's primary function in its service.

Not surprisingly, Biden's strategy is merely a stale reformulation of what Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, first articulated in a New York Times op-ed on 25 November 2003. In the piece, entitled "The Three State Solution," Gelb argues that "The only viable strategy, then, may be to correct the historical defect and move in stages toward a three-state solution: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center and Shiites in the south."

For Gelb, the 'historical defect' is Iraq's existence, and Uncle Sam should change it. He continued:
Almost immediately, this would allow America to put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly — with the Kurds and Shiites. The United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunni Triangle, north and west of Baghdad, largely freeing American forces from fighting a costly war they might not win. American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis, without oil or oil revenues, to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences.
In its own, twisted way, their logic makes some sense. From the perspective of those who run Sam's plantation, it pays to have Iraq weakened to the point where Uncle Sam can use the permanent bases they've built there to make demands on who gets Iraq's oil. And of course, Apartheid Israel hungers to have the whole Arab world shattered into pieces like glass at a Jewish wedding.

But, as has been the case since their invasion began, Uncle Sam's administrators simply refuse to acknowledge both their absolute defeat in Iraq and the Iraqi people's defiant refusal to accept 'solutions' handed to them by outsiders. Neither Biden's 'solution', nor Gelb's, nor Murtha's posits a way to remedy the oil question, the Kirkuk question, or Turkey's role on Iraq's border. None of the 'remedies' promises Iraqi unity or freedom from Uncle Sam, the chief demand made by both the Sadrists and the Mujahideen.

In fact, they're antithetical aims. Consequently, no matter Biden's imagined desires, Uncle Sam faces the same choice today as they'll face tomorrow and as they faced yesterday: Cut and Run, or Stay and Die.

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