30 May 2006

Iraqi Resistance Report: 27-29 May

Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
  • Resistance sharpshooter reportedly kills US soldier in eastern ar-Ramadi.
  • With US offensive reportedly looming, American military arrest Arab journalists in ar-Ramadi.
  • Resistance groups pledge to continue armed struggle, refuse to recognize puppet “government” of al-Maliki or any other so long as occupation continues.
  • Resistance bomb in Baghdad’s al-‘Amiriyah reportedly kills US soldier.
  • US soldier reported killed in bombing north of Ba‘qubah.US troops shoot family to death near al-Khalis on Thursday.
  • Resistance bomb blasts British patrol near al-Basrah.
  • Iraqi Resistance apprehends four men posting fake “Resistance leaflets” concocted by US occupation forces in al-Fallujah.
  • American air raids in ar-Ramadi Sunday evening kill eight local civilians, wound 15 more.
  • Powerful Resistance bomb reportedly kills four US troops near al-Hadithah Sunday morning.
  • Three US troops reported dead in Resistance bombing south of al-Latifiyah.
  • Resistance strikes British forces in al-Basrah twice on Sunday morning.
  • Three US troops reported killed in Resistance attack in ar-Ramadi.
  • Pro-American Badr Brigade gunmen murder Palestinian refugee in front of family in Baghdad Monday afternoon.
  • Resistance car bomb blasts American military column in Baghdad’s al-Karradah district, killing one US soldier, two “embedded” CBS news crewmen.
  • Mysterious bombs target civilians in Shi‘i, Sunni areas of Baghdad.
  • Kurdish separatist Peshmergah gunmen lose 24 dead in US “friendly fire” incident and separate Resistance ambush in ad-Dulu‘iyah Monday morning.
  • Two US troops reported killed in Resistance bombing north of Bayji.

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