02 May 2006

Iran Appeals to UN to Stop Uncle Sam

In today's Financial Times, Mark Turner reports:
Iran has called for UN action against US military threats in a letter sent yesterday to Kofi Annan, UN secretary-general, Tehran's national news agency reported

"US officials are impudently threatening Iran with use of force in blatant contravention of international law and the basic principles of United Nations Charter," wrote Javad Zarif, Iran's ambassador to the UN, according to Irna.

The UN said it had not yet received the letter by mid-morning yesterday.
The suggestion that the United Nations - an imperialist institution totally at the mercy of Uncle Sam - will rebuke Sam for their anti-Iranian agitprop war, especially given the UN's complicity, is beyond laughable.

Iran knows this, of course. They clearly mean to show, with this move, the servility that the UN demonstrates for Sam and its pro-apartheid allies.

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