24 May 2006

Hizbullah Leader Speaks on Anniversary of Apartheid Israel's Retreat from Lebanon

On the 6th Anniversary of Apartheid Israel's retreat from South Lebanon (except for Shebba Farms, which they still illegally occupy), the leader of Hizbullah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, spoke on the resistance group's preparation for dealing with the myriad threats against them. One such threat is the call by those Lebanese collaborating with Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel to surrender their weapons.

"Some politicians think of the arms issue as a problem, while we believe the resistance's arms can be one element of a comprehensive defense strategy that does not exclude all other economic, social and cultural elements," he said in response to these critics calling for unilateral disarmament. The Daily Star goes on to report:
Nasrallah repeated on Tuesday his warning that the resistance had "thousands" of rockets capable of hitting Israel at any time. Speaking during a "resistance culture" conference in Beirut... Nasrallah said the resistance is the only feasible strategy for defending Lebanon against future and current Israeli threats and violations, even should the Shebaa Farms be liberated.

"The Israelis know we have rocket deterrent capabilities. If today I go on television to tell the residents of the (northern Israeli) settlements that they should go down to the shelters, they will all be in Tel Aviv in no time," he said.

Nasrallah said the resistance's views on how to build a realistic defense strategy for Lebanon depended on how Israel's weaknesses and strengths were calculated in comparison with those of Lebanon.

The cleric said Israel's weakest point lied on its northern border with Lebanon.
Nasrallah fully acknowledged that there are collaborator forces in Lebanon - Walid Jumblatt chief among them - as well as outside agitators like Uncle Sam's Ambassador, Jeffrey Feltman, who want to see Hizbullah, and therefore Lebanon, disarm unilaterially before one of the globe's military goliaths.
The resistance leader did not deny Israel's superiority in almost every strategic and military aspect. "Because of this superiority, Lebanon must consider the high risks in case it has no defensive means or strategy to deter the Israeli attacks or confront them," he said....

"Some political leaders do not agree that Israel is the enemy. Others believe we can rely on international protection," he added. "We believe Israel is still the enemy and our resistance proved that Israel can be defeated, while all other options have proven wrong for as long as Israel has existed.

"To merge the resistance into the classical Lebanese Army is not a realistic option because this will weaken the Lebanese position in facing the much superior Israeli Army. Our army can never match the Israeli Army equipment or its experience.
The interest on the part of both Uncle Sam and Apartheid Israel in having Hizbullah disarm is clear. Their well-armed resistance remains extremely problematic to those planning to attack Iran. That's why the New York Post is spouting nonsensical propaganda about their capabilities and why Uncle Sam has gone to such great lengths to enforce the illegal UN Resolution 1449.

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