05 May 2006

Goodbye, Porter Goss

Good riddance to ex-Director of Central Intelligence Porter Goss. Goss, a former CIA assassin marinated in perversion, corruption and scandal, seemed a perfect fit for an institution that has murdered and tortured with impunity for its sordid 60 years.

It seems that Goss's work was complete, as he had done the job asked of him by the ruling order - to detonate any vestige of independence from the Agency and subordinate it fully to the whims of MafiaDon and Death Squad Commander John Negroponte. His success, not his failure, made him expendable.

And to replace him, the ruling order chose Michael Hayden, czar of the NSA's COINTELPRO/data mining program, to the head of the CIA bureaucracy. No doubt his appointment to this post will enable the CIA to sink even lower in unconstitutional depravity.

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