31 May 2006

Bush Meets with anti-Iranian Propagandist at the White House

The wholly discredited piece of anti-Iranian propaganda first published several weeks ago in the Canadian National Post that resonated throughout various right-wing propaganda organs (New York Post, Washington Times, Jerusalem Post) took another interesting twist today when the Financial Times reported that the man who fabricated the story out of whole cloth - Amir Taheri - met with BringItOn Bush at the White House on Tuesday.
US President George W. Bush and Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, have received separate background briefings from Iranian opposition activists, including one visitor to the White House on Tuesday who caused a storm earlier this month by reporting Iran had passed a law requiring Jews to wear special identification...

White House officials said Amir Taheri, a London-based former editor, was among a group of experts invited to discuss Iraq and the region with Mr Bush.
Taheri affiliates himself with an organization called Benador Associates that specializes in hiring out right-wing cranks to give speeches and write op-eds serving a political agenda.

One might suspect that the Sambo Rice's State Department has contracted Benador to create propaganda as part of their $75,000,000 propaganda campaign to demonize the Iranian government by likening them to the Nazis. Those lusting for war no doubt believe that such a campaign, if managed effectively, could establish a pretext to justify an attack on Iran. That would explain why, even after getting fingered as a prevaricating hack, Taheri's voice - like Chalabi's before - still has a receptive audience.

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