27 May 2006

Apartheid Israeli Occupiers Assault Pregnant Woman and Shoot Up Ambulance

The terrorism of Apartheid Israel's Army in the occupied Palestinian city of Nablus demonstrate how the racist expresion of hatred towards Palestinians expresses itself daily. Their latest atrocity - attacking a pregnant woman inside an ambulance - shows how clearly that racism intermingles with Apartheid Israel's ongoing cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine. The Palestine News Network provides many of the details omitted by the wire account:
A 21 year old woman nearly lost her baby while stuck in an ambulance this morning. Israeli soldiers occupying Nablus held the Palestinian ambulence for hours in the eastern part of the city... Eyewitnesses said that it was a “miracle” that prevented the woman and 45 year old driver Jitit Anton “from being gunned down.” Israeli soldiers opened direct fire on the ambulance early Saturday.

Israeli soldiers... rear-ended the ambulance and forced the driver and patient from [it]. No eyewitness report falters in describe the ensuing beatings and insults as the woman cried out in labor pain. She lay on the ground as she could no longer stand the pain as Israeli soldiers tore through the contents of the ambulance for an hour.
The PNN account went on to describe the matter-of-fact way in which fellow Palestinians in Nablus viewed this attack, indicating their lack of shock or surprise by such viciousness and brutality among their occupiers. They realize that attacks like these are standard operating procedure for Apartheid Israel.

And we must always understand talk of 'peaceful solutions' and Palestinian 'terrorism' in light of these actions. There cannot be an absence of terrorism in Palestine until the occupying army leaves.

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