03 May 2006

Apartheid Israeli Land Theft Continues

Apartheid Israel's land-stealing High Court on Tuesday affirmed that three Zionist families who illegally confiscated a Palestinian home in violation of the settler state's own Apartheid laws could remain even as police stated that the settlers "invaded a home, and that was illegal. They will be evacuated, it's only a question of when."

The BBC reports that, "the settlers moved into the house in early April, saying they had bought it. But the police say that the purchase documents are false and that the three families living in the building have no right to be there."

While "the police and army were gearing up for a possible evacuation," Yaakov Katz reports in today's pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post that, "Justice Salim Jubran ruled that the day for the eviction would be decided upon at the end of Thursday's hearing, which was scheduled after the families petitioned the High Court of Justice, claiming that the property was purchased legally."

The chimerical belief held by the police that the Apartheid state will willingly return the stolen home and stolen land to the Palestinians only elucidates their naivity and acquiescence to the system of de facto and de jure Apartheid. They don't realize that only Palestinian resistance that puts massive pressure on the Apartheid government will ensure that they return the stolen home.

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