02 May 2006

Apartheid Israeli Jackboots Kill Another Defenseless Woman

In today's pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz, Amos Harel and Arnon Regular cover yet another story about a raid into Palestine by Apartheid Israel's Jackboots resulting in yet another murder of yet another Palestinian civilian.
A Palestinian woman from a village near Tul Karm was killed and her daughter was wounded by Israel Defense Forces fire yesterday during an arrest raid in the West Bank.
Under the pretext of detecting 'susicious activity' in the home - a convenient pretext used by all occupying armies to destroy homes and kill civilians - the occupying army "opened fire on the house, shooting Itaf Zalat, 44, in the head and killing her. One of her four children, Ahlam, was moderately to seriously wounded by the gunfire."

Of course Zalat had nothing to do with any attacks against Apartheid Israel or any connection to terrorism. She simply happened to be in the wrong place - her home - when Apartheid Israel's Jackboots felt like murdering someone. The piece continues, highlighting the inhumane depravity to which the soldiers have sunk.
Yusef Zalat also said the soldiers would not allow an ambulance to pick up his wounded daughter from the building, so he and two neighbors had carried her to an ambulance stationed close to where the soldiers were standing.
As they customarily do, the occupying army expressed regret at murdering civilians and promised an investigation.

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