30 May 2006

Apartheid Israel Protects its Zionist Stooge

Consistent with the campaign led by Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam to transform Mahmoud Abbas into Dictator of Occupied Palestine, Pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports that:
On Thursday it was announced that Israel authorized the transfer of a shipment of arms and ammunition for the equipping of the Presidential Guard. Abbas is now asking that Israel not oppose further assistance that will permit the arming of a much larger force....

The request to expand and arm the Presidential Guard, which currently numbers 1,500-2,000 men, deployed in Ramallah and Gaza, was put forward for the first time on the eve of the formation of the government headed by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, about a month ago.
Abbas knows that he owes his position and everything that comes with it to Apartheid Israel. In turn, he has shown his willingness to vanquish himself politically for the sake of the Zionist colony. The article continues:
Abbas suggested that the Presidential Guard be deployed, if the need arises, to the northern Gaza Strip in order to prevent the launching of Qassam rockets into Israel.

The Palestinian leader estimated that for such operations to be effective the presidential guard needs to grow to about 10,000 men.
These articles and the actions Abbas has taken prior to them leave no doubt where he stands on the question of resistance versus colaboration and apartheid. The Times of London reported on Sunday that:
Forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, are preparing for an onslaught against the military wing of the Islamist rival group Hamas in a desperate attempt to sustain his waning power.
Those opposed to his collaboration with Apartheid Israel have the advantage of knowing about this plan. The question for us - for those who stand with Palestine against their occupiers - is how to best challenge it.

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