08 May 2006

Apartheid Israel Kills 2 Unarmed Senior Citizens

While the agitprop factory also known as Shin Bet was working overtime this weekend in Apartheid Israel to foment discord between Hamas and Fatah with obvious, unsubstantiated, and unsourced propaganda, the murder of unarmed Palestinians by Apartheid Israel's GI Joes continued unabated. The pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz reports:
An unnamed farmer, 57, was reportedly killed on Sunday during a shelling of the Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya.

Fellow townsman Musa Suwarka, 60, was killed Saturday by an IDF shell and three others were wounded. The IDF said Saturday night that there was no artillery fire toward Beit Lahiya.

Two farmers whose tractor was hit were wounded, the officials said. A Palestinian security officer manning a roadblock in the area also was wounded.
Despite the relentless barrage of stories such as this one, Apartheid Israel's shameless defenders continue to accuse Palestinians of aggression. For how much longer can their self delusion continue in light of reports like this?

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