22 May 2006

Apartheid Israel Continues Onslaught Against Palestinian Civilians

On Sam's Plantation, defenders of Apartheid Israel's savage policies towards the Palestinian people often attempt to exonerate or defend their actions with racist innuendo and ad hominem attacks against the Palestinian people as a whole accusating them of 'terrorism'. Yet, when one examines the facts in the conflict over Palestine, one sees quite clearly that the source of most of the violence and terrorism eminates by the government of Apartheid Israel.

Underscoring the scope of the one-sided killing spree in Occupied Palestine, the IMEMC reports:
In the month of April, Israeli soldiers killed 37 Palestinians, including 6 children, in fourteen assassination attacks. Israeli missiles fired in airstrikes have killed children at home, at school, in cars and on the streets in Gaza.
On 21 May, Amin Abu Wardeh reported on one such murder for the Palestine News Network:
Israeli forces killed 48 year old Aisha Abu Muslim in eastern Nablus’ Balata Refugee Camp... Israeli soldiers shot the woman while she was in her home in the camp Sunday morning. Apparently she was near a window... Eyewitnesses report that Israeli forces opened heavy random fire, shooting the woman in the head.
This woman did nothing to deserve her fate. Yet, like many other innocent Palestinians, she became another victim of Apartheid Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing campaign in Palestine. On Monday, 22 May, the Beirut Daily Star reported on this weekend's burial of two more women and a 4 year old child killed by an IOF helicoptor attack:
Thousands of mourners attended funerals Sunday for four victims of an Israeli air strike... including two women and a 4-year-old child. Many mourners demanded attacks on Israelis to avenge the death of Naima Amen, her daughter Hanan Amen, and her 4-year-old grandson Mohanad.
Simultaneous to these random acts of violence perpetrated on the Palestinian people by the Apartheid government of Israel, we learn from Nadav Shragai and Amos Harel in Ha'aretz that their theft of Palestinian land continues unabated:
GOC Central Command Yair Naveh on Thursday signed a military decree authorizing the expansion of the municipal boundaries of Betar Ilit by 500 dunams. The decision to expand the town, located in the West Bank southwest of Jerusalem, was made by former defense minister Shaul Mofaz and was approved by his successor, Amir Peretz.
This report notes that Peretz, Labor leader and Minister of Defense in the new government, will carry out the same genocidal policies advocated by their Likud party 'opponents'. The same report went on to say that:
Over the past few weeks, three similar decrees were issued for the expansion of Jewish settlements: Givat Ze'ev, north of Jerusalem; Oranit, on the Green Line in the Samaria region; and Maskiot, in the northern Jordan valley. Maskiot is slated to absorb the evacuees from the Gush Katif settlement of Shirat Hayam.
From home bulldozings and land theft, to the crushing of free speech, to arbitrary detention of political leaders to assassinations, to random, arbitrary murder, the systemic racism and violence against Palestinians manifests itself comprehensivly throughout Occupied Palestine. We cannot expect Apartheid Israel's defenders to shun their relativism in light of these facts, because their defense of the Zionism transcends facts.

We must, however, defend the right of all Palestinian people to resist their oppressor in the same way that we must defend the right of Iraqis and Hatians and Africans on Sam's plantation to defend themselves from the same dynamic and savage force of tyranny.

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