25 April 2006

Zionist Baby Killers get Free Pass on Sam's Plantation

Isn't it interesting how Uncle Sam's state-managed, corporate media reports any nonsensical PsyOp fabrication whenever it embarasses Islam, but when Zionist religous zealots perform some wretched act of cruel and barbaric savagery, they remain stoicly silent?

Such is the case with Yisrael Valis, a 19-year old man who murdered his own child by throwing him against a wall. Today's right-wing pro-Apartheid Jerusalem Post reports:
The Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday placed Yisrael Valis, the 19-year old haredi man suspected of beating his three-month old son to death, under house arrest. The court's decision came after probation officers determined that Valis does not pose a danger to the public...

Valis is facing manslaughter charges for allegedly repeatedly biting, beating, pinching and punching the infant since his birth because he "did not accept him" due to a congenital defect in the baby's neck muscles, police said.

The baby died in Jerusalem hospital on April 10, days after his father allegedly hurled him against the wall when he started to cry.
Unlike Palestinians who often find themselves sent to Apartheid Israeli torture chambers without committing a crime, this murderer has the benefit of being a Jewish man in Apartheid Israel. The hypocritical and racist mentality that underscores every facet of Israeli life explains why probabtion officers said Valis the Baby Killer did not threaten the public.

Meanwhile, efforts by the corporate media on Sam's Plantation to censor news that doesn't conform to the alternate reality of the Middle East they aim to create - Condoleeza Rice's known collaboration with Zionist spies to kill Iranians or Mordechi Vanunu's continued political imprisonment 20 years after whistleblowing about Apartheid Israel's nuclear weapons program, for example - remain safely swept under the rug by the luminaries on Fox News and CNN.

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