11 April 2006

EU Hypocrites Ally with Apartheid Israel to Starve Palestinians

Terrorism, death, and destruction against the Palestinian people by the occupying army of Apartheid Israel continued unabated this weekend. But rather than condemn the violence wraught on the Palestinian people by their occupiers, the imperialist powers of the world continued to tighten the screws on the people of occupied Palestine who resist the genocidal occupation.

In the upside-down Alice and Wonderland world of international diplomacy, the European Union gave in to the request of Apartheid Israel and hypocritically reneged on their committment of $600,000,000 in humanitarian aid for the people of Palestine. They made this decision to blackmail the Palestinians with the full awareness of Apartheid Israel's ongoing siege designed to "put the Palestinians on a diet," in the words of Dov Weisglass.

The announcement came at nearly the same time as the occupying army of Apartheid Israel killed yet another Palestinian child - this one a 12-year-old girl. Amos Harel writes in the pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz:
The girl was killed Monday by Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip. Thirteen other members of her family, including toddlers, children and teenagers were injured. Nonetheless, a senior Israel Defense Forces officer Monday night told Haaretz that the widespread shelling of Gaza would continue....

Since Friday, 17 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli shelling. The dead include two children.
To Uncle Sam and the EU, this child's death means nothing. The peace overtures by The Hamas Movement against Apartheid Israel mean nothing. The indiscriminate shelling, bulldozing, and imprisonment of Palestinians means nothing. The Hamas Movement's 15-month cease-fire means nothing.

The imperialist powers of the world have distilled the occupation of Palestine into one simplistic formulation: will The Hamas Movement recognize the existence of Israel? They use this formulation as a convenient pretext to strangle Hamas. Yet even as they do this, these same powers never question whether Israel will recognize Palestine.

I wonder why?

We must realize that the imperialist powers of the world - especially Uncle Sam and the EU - will encourage Apartheid Israel to continue their barbaric savagery. We also know that these same powers will punish the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people as long as they continue to resist their apartheid occupier.

They will do so because they cannot fathom the true scope of their own hypocrisy or moral relativism. But the rest of the world does. And they will pay a heavy, heavy price for cozying up to Apartheid Israel while placing extortionist conditions on humanitarian aid meant for the besieged and dying people of Palestine.

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