07 April 2006

Despite Political Setbacks, Apartheid Israeli Terrorism Continues

A court in Britain unanimously ruled on Thursday that Apartheid Israel's occupying army was guilty of murdering a British cameraman in cold blood. AP reported that James Miller, 34, "was shot in the neck by a soldier in the Gaza-Egypt border area of Rafah in May 2003 while filming a documentary about the impact of violence on children in the region."

The subject of his documentary offered reason enough for Apartheid Israel's occupying army to execute him.

Writing in the pro-Apartheid Ha'aretz, Amos Harel reported that at the time of the killing Miller's entire crew had on protective vests marked with the letters "T.V." and were waving a white flag lit with a flashlight. The group's translator said there was no shooting in the area at the time the IDF soldiers opened fire.

The jury elaborated on the ruling:
Based on the evidence laid before us, we the jury unanimously agree it was unlawful shooting, with the intention to kill Mr. James Miller. We can come to no other conclusion than that Mr. Miller was indeed murdered... It's a fact that from day one to this inquest the Israeli authorities have not been forthcoming in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr. Miller's death.
In the Guardian Vikram Dodd adds, "the jury also said Israeli authorities had 'not been forthcoming' about how and why Miller... was killed."

The reason is clear: Apartheid Israel's terrorist government has no interest in admitting its direct responsibility for Miller's murder. So they absolved the head of the occupying army at the scene of the crime and later ruled that there were no grounds for criminal proceedings.

The reprehensibile behavior of the Zionist government occurs in every arena. In addition to giving their military license to kill anyone without repercussion, they launch daily artillery barrages against the Palestinians and encourage beatings, property destruction, and theft of Palestinian land by Zionist settlers. Eli Ashkenazi reports on one such event in Friday's Ha'aretz:
An elderly Palestinian... is being treated for serious injuries at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva. Saber Shtiyeh, 73, of the West bank village of Salem, was attacked and beaten up by four settlers while working in the field...

Shtiyeh was hospitalized with six skull fractures, three broken vertebrae in his neck, four broken ribs, a perforated lung and fractures in his arm and leg. He is on a respirator.
Much like the manner in which they excused James Miller's murderers, this piece concludes that "West Bank police said yesterday that they had yet to identity suspects in the alleged attack on the farmer."


Meanwhile, AP reported a stunning example of the transparent ethnic cleansing and land theft encouraged by the Apartheid government against Palestinians. The piece begins:
Four Jewish families moved into an abandoned Palestinian home, raising tensions in this volatile West Bank city.

The settlers entered the home late Thursday, claiming they had purchased the building legally.
Of course, no such sale occurred. Zionist settlers stole it. The piece continues. "Safwan al-Nazer, an owner of the house, said the alleged deal was illegal. He said the house has been in his family for generations, and ownership is shared by about 100 relatives who would have to approve the sale."

Far from protecting al-Nazer's property, the Apartheid government consented to this ethnic cleansing of 100 Palestinians. The article concludes, "Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said that purchase was approved by military authorities in the West Bank, and that police would take no action in the case until a court decision is made."

While the Apartheid government continues to starve Palestinians with their medieval siege of Occupied Palestine and give Zionist settlers carte blanche to steal Palestinian land, they reserve the right to arrest any Palestinian at any time for any reason.

The most recent expression of this policy came with their decision to arrest the Jerusalem Affairs minister for the Palestinian Authority on the grounds that, "Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem are not allowed to travel to areas of the West Bank controlled by the Palestinian Authority." They did so in spite of the fact that, "in practice, Palestinians from East Jerusalem freely enter PA-controlled areas such as Ramallah and Bethlehem."

Laws that Apartheid Israel applies to Palestinians don't apply to Jews, pure and simple. And until Palestinian resistance intensifies, this will continue.

The Zionist state will continue to hide behind the campaign waged against Hamas by Zionist collaborator Mahmoud Abbas and call Hamas's myriad peace overtures "tricks" as they brutalize and murder not only Palestinians but, as the case of James Miller demonstrates, anyone who stands in solidarity with the cause of Palestinian liberation.

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