26 April 2006

David Cohen's CIA PigShop and the Frame-Up of Shahawar Matin Siraj

Sometimes the interest the Pigs in New York City have in framing-up perfectly innocent people for crimes that were never committed defies comprehension.

Such is the case with the recent trial of Shahawar Matin Siraj, a 22-year old New York man framed up by David Cohen's Intelligence division in the NY PigShop.

Cohen, who I've written about earlier, is a CIA asset who has built a career fabricating non-existent threats to justify attacks on civil liberties. His perverted Orwellian obsession has landed him in Ray Kelly's CIA-loving fascistic PigShop.

In this case, the PigShop arrested and intimdated a naturalized American citizen named Osama Eldawoody into becoming a snitch. He then proceeded to travel the city, recording conversations in mosques, bookstores and other places, looking for people the Pigs could then entrap, arrest, and frame up.

Which is precisely what's happened in the case of Siraj. He has done nothing wrong, and the only words he's said alluding to 'terrorist' intentions were said at the impetus of Cohen's snitch - never of his own volition.

The snitch is the only witness, and the Pigs have chosen to release only a portion of the 30-hours of recorded conversations. The rest, we must assume, are 'secrets' that only spooks like Cohen and his terrorist ilk are cleared to hear.

To the PigShop, the embarrasing lack of evidence against Siraj hardly matters. They've got their criminal even though "no material for any attack was ever sought or obtained by Mr. Siraj." Now they need to engineer a crime. So we have a show-trial to legitimate their own culpability in the frame-up.

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