06 March 2006

Uncle Sam's Court Jesters Give Eight Thumbs Up to Military Bigotry

Pat Robertson shot a huge 'Sieg Heil' to Uncle Sam's 'supreme court' after their unanimous 8-0 ruling on Monday, authored by child torturing chief justice, John Roberts, mandating universities who receive federal money to discriminate against gay people.

The details of the case, while relevant, camouflage the central point made by Roberts and his court of jesters: Uncle Sam can disregard human rights and civil liberties without a penalty whenever it wants, wherever it wants, to whomever it wants.

I suppose the Jesters could have done more to advance the cause of bigotry. For instance, it could have allowed the government to declare all LGBT people 'enemy combatants' and wiped away even the veneer of civil rights as it did in the case of Yasir Hamdi, an Arab man "stripped of his citizenship and deported without ever having been charged with a crime."

After all, we have seen time and time again that whenever Sam invokes 'national security' – the rationale out of which corruption and criminality flow like water from a bombed-out New Orleans levee – the Jesters stand at attention, ignoring facts, evidence, common sense, and human decency.

We see their craven cowardice in their servile disreagard of report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report after report of torture by Sam's GI Joes. Despite this evidence, the Jesters have impotently refuse to act.

The torturers and rapists in Uncle Sam's military, so well-known throughout the world, played a major role in this decision, too. And for showing steadfast dedication to prejudice and discrimination, Robertson undoubtedly commended them as well. He knows that the military has made a crippling sacrifice by choosing outright bigotry in favor of their own long-term strategic interest.

We cannot take seriously the military's argument that, "equal access to law schools... for our recruiters is crucial to ensuring we attract a diverse and highly qualified pool of applicants," considering that this assertion totally contradicts their unwavering demand that universities discriminate against LGBT people.

Lesser xenophobes than those littering Uncle Sam's military brass may have buckled on this question. Especially now – stuck in a quagmire, receiving a colossal ass-kicking from the Iraqi National Resistance, and facing plummeting recruitment numbers because of that ass-kicking – their profound devotion to bigotry remained unflinching.

But lesser xenophobes have no place in Sam's army. And with its legacy of homophobia, racisim, discrimination, and segregation, they have much to consider and protect before making such rash determinations.

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