05 March 2006

Uncle Sam-Style Democracy on Display in Pakistan

Since Uncle Sam's attack on Iraq, defined by the Nuremberg Tribunal as the 'supreme international crime,' wherever its little fool president goes in the world - whether it's Salt Lake City or Buenos Aires or Pakistan - the world's population responds by erupting in protest. The reason is simple: nobody likes a bloodthirsty murderer coming to visit.

Uncle Sam exhales a great many words pontificating about the virtues of democracy. But its actions over its whole existence - from genocide to slavery to internment to occupation - betrays that lie.

That democracy so adored by Sam found itself nakedly and openly displayed in the Sunday Independent. The paper reports that "to prevent mass protests against Mr Bush's visit, the Pakistan authorities went so far as to place the former cricket star, Imran Khan, who is now a political opposition leader and was planning to lead a protest march, under house arrest."

Of course, Khan - who joined forces with Arundhati Roy for a powerful, continent-wide response to Sam's visit - was just one among the dozens arrested.

Nope. Pakistan's authoritarian leadership threw dozens of protestors in jail.

The reason that Pervez Musharraf, Sam's Puppet Military Dictator, did so is obvious and clear: Pakistan supports and promotes 'Democracy,' Vanilla Sam-style.

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