28 March 2006

Rot in Hell, Casper Weinberger

"Cap Weinberger was an indefatigable fighter for peace through strength. He served his nation in war and peace in so many ways."
Sambo Colin Powell

Savage Justice happily reports that another technician of Uncle Sam's Empire has assumed his rightful place in hell. Felonious political apparatchik Casper Weinberger is dead.

Prior to becoming Secretary of War in the 1980s, Weinberger worked as a spook for Uncle Sam and war profiteer for Bechtel. While running the DoD in the 1980s, he circumvented the Constitution and the Legislative branch of government and sold missiles to Iran through Israel.

After he was indicted, George H. W. Bush pardoned Weinberger before his trial began - a move clearly undertaken to whitewash Bush's own role in the sale of weapons to Iran and 'Contras' abroad and the CIA's domestic role in the drug trade.

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