03 March 2006

Ignoring Real Purpose of India Trip (Killing Iranians), PBS Sells Mangos

Excepting the ignorant and delusional corporate media here on Sam's Plantation, is there anyone in the world who seriously believes that yesterday's agreement inked by Uncle Sam and India really codified the exchange of mangos for nuclear technology?

Because last night, Margaret Warner on PBS's NewsHour framed the agreement in just that way: NUKES FOR MANGOS! At the post-signing press conference, G-Dub played along, yucking it up with Manmohan Singh. "Mr. Prime Minister," the killer said with a smile, "the United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangos."

Played for a fool, Warner ignores the naked hypocrisy of Sam shipping nukelear technology to a renegade nation in violation of the NPT (a nuclear agreement that Iran has signed but India, Apartheid Israel and Uncle Sam have not).

Even more importantly, she also refused to even inquire about Sam's real motivation for the trip: bribing India with nuclear technology in exchange for supporting Sam's campaign to maim and slaughter Iranians.

It's not that we should find ourselves surprised by such blatant ignorance and cowardice within the corporate media. When the stakes are highest for Sam, we've seen time and time again that State/Media collaboration reaches its pinnacle. Just as we saw with Chalabi, Judith Butler, and the New York Times spouting absurd lies in the lead-up to Sam's onslaught against Iraq, we can expect a similar barrage of propaganda and disinformation, like the PBS report, as they sew the seeds for Sam's pending slaughter of Iranians.

This nonsense about India and Mangos is but one example.

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