28 March 2006

Hillary Bangs Rupert Murdoch's War Drum

New York Magazine printed an interesting nugget of information this week that underscores the degree to which ruling-class interests within the Democrat and Republican Parties operate in close collusion with one-another.

In the magazine, Greg Sargent reports that "the incongruous Murdoch-Clinton romance, which has been hot for the past year or so, shows no sign of cooling down. Now, a source says, Rupert is greatly expanding his involvement with Bill’s big Clinton Global Initiative’s annual powwow this September, shortly before Hillary’s up for reelection."

Since leaving office, Bill Clinton promoted his "Global Initiative" as a way of unifying elite neoliberal interests and leveraging their economic power to intensify their exploitation of the world's poor.

This imperialist iniative and the sordid cast of characters who've chosen to partake in it again exposes the shell game played by opearatives in the Democrat and Republican parties. When one analyzes their actions from the perspective of economic self-interest, the fake distinction between them breaks down and exposes how the two are really joined at the hip, unified in service to to Uncle Sam's imperialist agenda.

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