15 March 2006

DynCorp's Paramilitaries and Mercinary Killers Occupy New Orleans

Over at his blog, Another Day in Empire, Kurt Nimmo has written a detailed entry concerning news that the sherrif of St. Bernard Parish in New Orleans has asked FEMA to approve his request that Dyncorp assist his police force in 'providing security' (a euphamism for harrassing and assaulting Black and poor people) - making arrests, carrying weapons, and dressing in St. Bernard Parish police uniforms.

Apparently Maj. Pete Turfaro, the man who made the request, is either ignorant of or unconcerned by Dyncorp's legacy of raping children in Bosnia or attacking peasants in South America with chemical weapons under the pretext of fighting Crackhead Sam's Psy-Op 'War on Drugs'.

One thing is for certain: FEMA will approve this request. Since Hurricane Katrina struke, FEMA has methodically gone about cleansing New Orleans of its Black and poor population - cruelly scattering hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians all over Sam's Plantation like dust. With that legacy, one cannot doubt for one second that they will jump at the chance to have DynCorp take up their baton and beat the people who have chosen to stay in New Orleans with it.

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